Wrecker’s Race On Appledore

Wrecker’s Race On Appledore

Be Part Of A Historic Key West Wrecker’s Race On Schooner Appledore II

Participate in a Key West Sailing Tradition!

Join in the “day of wreckoning” aboard Sebago’s Appledore II Schooner as we race the 7 miles to Sand Key. In days of old, many ships grounded on the dangerous reefs off of Key West. The first wrecking captain to reach the stranded boat was awarded salvage rights. With wrecks happening once a week, this made Key West one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Competition was fierce and spirited among Key West’s captains.

Today, competition is just as intense in the Wrecker’s Race with the prize being annual bragging rights to the fastest ship. A unique adventure unlike anything else you have experienced, this fun escapade will be a highlight of your Key West vacation!

Leaves from our Key West Historic Seaport location.

This event has limited availability and will sell out quickly.

You Will Be Sailing On Appledore, A Two-Masted 86′


Wide decks with room to walk around

Generous seating

Only 49 passengers for an intimate sail

A spacious head (bathroom)


Grab your hat, sunglasses, camera and love of adventure. We will do the rest!

Please bring a valid, government issued photo ID. Some activities and enjoying alcoholic beverages require that we verify your age.